MF Poll: What Current MINI Interests you the Most?

With the release of the Coupe and the introduction of the Roadster, it’s a great time to step back and look at the MINI family. And with that, we can’t help but wonder which we’d have if given the chance. While we love the Countryman All4 in our driveway, a Coupe or even a roadster would look great in the MF garage. Then there’s the incredible utility of the Clubman or even the classic hatch. But enough about what we think. What’s your favorite MINI of the moment?

Which Current MINI Interests You Most?

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  • “Mine” should be an option – as in, “the one I already have”! 😉

  • JonPD

    Well since no R53 GP had to choose the one I just picked up today R58

  • R Burns

    I don’t want to be forced to choose a fake coupé/roadster if I want a sporty Mini

    Please make the hatch sporty like the coupé/roadster

    • JbkONE

      Fake?  Maybe they could be named a bit differently, but they’re not fake.  The Coupe the same thing as a Z4 Coupe only MINI instead of BMW.  Are you calling the Z4 Coupe fake?  IMO a Coupe isn’t a hatch so if that’s what you mean we may agree, but I wouldn’t use the word fake.

      I still don’t know how they’re going to make money on the Coupe.  I like it and I’m glad they produced it, I just don’t know how many they’ll sell.  I guess most of the car was already engineered.  I wonder what their break even point is. 

  • Ryan

    I already have an R56 (and a ’76) so that’s why I voted for the R60. I’m not sure if the R60 will be my next Mini but I would love to have an all wheel drive, sporty vehicle. 

  • RB

    Rally non. I happy with my 2004 MCS, it;s got 80,000 on it and fairly trouble free. I guess I might look at the Coupe if I was in the market for a new car but I’m not.

  • RB

    Really none. If I was in the market for a new car maybe the Coupe. My 2004 MCS with 80,000 is doing fine with few problems over those miles.

  • Dr Obnxs

    I’m sticking with the original. It’s got great performance and tons of utility. If I wanted a pure sports car, the two seaters don’t do it for me. I was thinking about a Countryman, but it doesn’t meet the family needs and is too far from the MINI driving dynamic to justify it in the garage. I’ve already got a bitchen convertible (65 Mustang), so any of the MINI drop tops are redundant. If I were to get a new drop top, for a two seater I’d get a Miata or a used Boxter. Not sure for a 4 seater. For a two seater tin top, a used Cayman would be the choice. We’re looking at replacing our MDX, but we need three rows of seats. It would be the X5 diesel, if the sucker weren’t $62k!!!!! We’ve got some time to figure that one out though… 

    What brought me to the MINI in the first place, was the combination of a supreme chassis with lots of practicality. None of the other versions of the car have that combination the way the hatch does.

  • KPH

    Hatch ‘natch. Being late to the game, -2008- that’s what hit me upside the head. No disrespect to the other R’s and wish them all success, but hope to see the F56 reaffirm the charm of a decade ago.  Maybe even surprise us all as better. Could happen.

  • KPH

    Hatch ‘natch. Being late to the game, -2008- that’s what hit me upside the head. No disrespect to the other R’s and wish them all success, but hope to see the F56 reaffirm the charm of a decade ago.  Maybe even surprise us all as better. Could happen.

  • I love mine and wouldn’t give it up for anything, but if I could get another it would gladly get a Countryman. 🙂

  • mike

    A used R53 should be on that list.. That’d be my pick.

  • Brian

    As very happy R53 owner for 7 years, I’m movin to the R59 Roadster.

  • Evan

    I’m most interested in the Roadster because it really is quite dashing without losing the MINI feel.

    I like the Countryman a lot, but feel like it needs a mid-cycle refresh and while I think it’s big enough for my family, my wife doesn’t agree.

    Also, like some others, I’m still quite smitten with my Indi Blue 2004 MINI Cooper. I’m at 82k fun-filled miles. However, since I’ll never sell him and other cars will be needed, MINI will remain on my shoplist.

    I’m also a fan of the Clubman… now if I needed a new commuting car, that’d be hard and I’d probably go for a MCS hatch. Choices are what MINI is about, and apparently we have a lot to choose right now.

  • that.guy

    Need AWD so I hold out some interest in the JCW Countryman.  Until/if that materializes sights are set on a Stage1 tuned Golf R.   

  • Aurel

    Had the 1st gen and now a 2nd gen representative … really just looking forward to the 3rd gen in 2013

  • Anonymous

    What interests me most?  That Recaro seats are coming to US MINIs!

    I’m sure Gabe will have an article soon =)

  • Huskdoc

    Well I was going to vote for the r59 Roadster but the fact that it says it is the best looking ever, I will not vote for it. So I am going back to the R56 because honestly it is the most MINI out of all of them.

  • Love the R56, but happy with my R55. Fits me, the wife, and the little people. It’s all good, really.

  • Mini-15

    I wait for MINI No. 7. The MINI Paceman !

    • jeff

      make that a double.

  • Hemisedan

    Being a R56, JCW owner, I like the new coupe alot.  But, in saying that my JCW is only one year old on October 30 when I picked it up.  With it, I have absolutely no complaints and it has been a long time since I have even thought that about a car.  The last one that even came close was a 1993 Plymouth Lazer turbo all wheel drive. But, I voted for the coupe because if I were to purchase/order today it would be a coupe.  Red body and black top, exactly the opposite of what Lil Guy is.  But, it will be two more years before i even consider something else and by then I believe, the 3rd Generation will be out, or soon available.  And, even though Ive only used the rear seat a few times, I will probably go for the F56 or whatever the designation is.  Just my thoughts.

  • Mark @ MINI of the Main Line

    I’ll take a Clubman S with the new Recaro Seats!

  • Pezradar

    R58!  Love mine!