MINI Paceman Photos Leaked… by MINI?

Updated #2: Now that the entire internet now has these photos from the leak, we’re turning the image BACK ON. Enjoy.

Update: We’ve been asked (very nicely) to take down the images as the official story has also been pulled. To help the hardworking people at MINI we’re doing just that… sorta. We’re blurring the photos. Look for them to become un-blurred sometime next week 🙂

The full MINI Paceman internet debut was scheduled to drop soon, but not quite this soon. MINI Space, MINI’s online version of it’s print magazine, has published a wonderful story on southeast London’s Gastro scene through the eyes of Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, well known local foodies. The problem? It’s full of un-camouflaged images of the forthcoming MINI Paceman. But it’s really not a problem because, as these photos show, the Paceman is a surprisingly dynamic and interesting looking little car. And unlike most highly edited and re-touched launch photos, what we see here show off the shape and the details in a real-world way.

The Paceman will make it’s internet debut shortly and have it’s public coming out party at the Paris Motor Show later this month. We expect it to hit European and UK dealers sometime in November with US sales starting in December or January. Pricing has yet to be announced but we expect a slight increase in prices over the four door Countryman.

We’ll be driving the Paceman later this fall but if early reviews from the UK press are anything to go by, it may right a few of the wrongs some of you have expressed about the R60.

  • Timothy Daniel

    I like it! Colour looks similar to my Indy Blue 2003 MCS? I wish they’d get rid of those faux brake ducts, however.

    • The Front Brake Ducts? They are real!!!

  • e88

    that’s the sound of R56 sales plummeting

    • Gil

      I hear that very same sound. Just look at the CM sales volume, which is already approaching that of the traditional hatch, and it’s not really a direct competitor. I could realistically see base F56 sales taking a major hit in a year or two as the Paceman does to the F56 what the CM has done to the R55, especially since this entry will have a head start in getting established in the public eye.

  • les

    I’d prefer it to the R56 honestly. I can’t wait to see the interior shots.

  • its a shrunken Land Rover Evoque

  • Tempted so hard by this car. Love the lines. Love the look. Love the available AWD.

    • jeff

      except it’s missing the suicide doors. pour one out…

  • Still liking it… but what’s with the extra large letters on the boot?

    • MINI’s new strategy to better differentiate their product. Look for more of this.

      • Aurel

        I welcome this but does it have to be as large as on a Dodge Truck? …

      • minipuma

        Those big letters on the back are horrible… trashy. What are they thinking?

        • Gil

          Sales of dental floss are forecast to increase… 😉

        • I’m calling it early. Comment of the month front runner.

        • Hoover

          Is that how you pop them off? Good to know.

        • Fishing line is better

        • I don’t mind the big letters as much as I hate the interplay between the big letters and the “Cooper S” badge. I’d be more inclined to remove that.

        • Agreed. The “s” in cooper S has always been just shy of embarrassing from a aesthetic perspective. You should have seen the proposed steering wheel for the R53.

  • Jay

    I actually like it a lot – which is strange because I hate the looks of the Countryman. All about the boot, I guess.

  • BimmerFile_Michael

    Looks like they removed the story..

  • les

    HAHA! Classic F-up (not on motoringfile’s part). It was cool while it lasted. Thanks for the peak Gabe.

  • b-

    They are still up all over the internet. Took like 2 seconds to find them.

    It looks ok, not something I would buy but not terrible. I am waiting to see what they have done with the interior.

  • goat

    Only caught a quick glimpse before my vision blurred, but this is my new fave CUV (and I greatly dislike the 4-door variant, and CUVs in general). Much better proportioned than the CountryMouse. I actually could see people choosing this over the regular R56 hatches (exempting the JCW variant) based primarily on styling, secondarily on utility.

  • dt

    Too-small-pipes ….. AGAIN. The first thing I did when I got my CM was replace the little pencil exhaust tips with 3.5 inchers. I think whoever made the design decision to put the disproportionately teeny weeny exhaust tips on the CM and now PM has some serious issues. Unfortunately the PM also carries over the CM headlights and grill which are not pretty. Let’s hope they eliminated the mickey mouse ears on the center speedo. This was a chance to improve on the CM not just produce a two door version. They should have just called it the CM coupe.

  • thatguyruinedit
    • I’m not suggesting you go there and look at them. But I am suggesting you come back here and comment on them 🙂

  • oldsbear

    Hey, it’s a Buick!

    • Hoover

      Those rear lights do look like those from the Buick family of SUVs. Enclave/Encore.

  • not too shabby… like it better than the CM but not as much as my Clubbie… can’t wait to see what the next one will look like.

  • So, they’re going to charge more money for less utility on the same chassis? hmm…I’ll keep my Countryman

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Coupes in the industry always cost more. You are paying for styling and usually a bit more standard equipment.

  • Aurel

    The more I stare at it … that is one hot rear. if the glass came down further it would look a lot like the C30 … the entire rear 1/3 of the car reminds me of the C30 actually.

  • Dusty S

    The 2 door version is much better looking than the 4 door Countryman. I like it. Nice looking color on it to. Now I just hope they improved the Countyman’s interior in the Paceman. I hope the center rail is gone and replaced with a nice console. The CM was very limited on interior selections and was rather boring for a MINI. The dash panel in the CM also needed revising. The vents off the center speedo was goofy looking. None the less, the Paceman will probably be my next vehicle this spring. The Paceman lettering will come off the back however. Too much lettering on the back makes it look busy. Reminds me of a Chevy truck.

  • It looks nice 🙂 I like it a lot more than the Countryman. Paceman is more MINI!

  • veggivet

    I will be ordering a Cooper All 4 this fall, and look forward to it being my nasty weather winter vehicle. It will be replacing a first generation Scion xB, aka ‘The Toaster’. Bring on the snow, ice, sleet and salt!

  • jim lynch

    this bogus “crossover” things need BMW’s “real” 4-banger!

  • LH453

    I’d take this car any day over the countryman with the JCW Tuning Kit, if they offer it in the Paceman S