The Roberto Cavalli MINI Paceman Premier: Hands-on

Our man on the the Vienna streets Kurt Heiden gives us an inside look at the Roberto Cavalli MINI Paceman. It’s a one-off design that features some ultra exclusive treatments that making this MINI incredibly unique. And the best part of course is that it’s a car that is auctioned off for AIDS charities. Check out the full press release and our own photo gallery after the break.`

Official Release: For the 13th consecutive year, MINI has donated one of its models to the Life Ball to be styled by an internationally renowned designer for a good cause. 2013 sees the MINI Paceman endowed with the creative signature of Roberto Cavalli. A few hours before the start of the AIDS charity event on 25 May, the Italian fashion designer and his wife unveiled the one-off MINI during the official Life Ball Press Conference. As part of the AIDS Solidarity Gala in Vienna’s Hofburg Palace, the Life Ball MINI 2013 will be auctioned from 17 hrs on, with the proceeds benefiting projects committed to combating AIDS. Tonight at Life Ball’s magenta carpet Roberto Cavalli will present the MINI to the public.

The design of the Life Ball MINI 2013 by Roberto Cavalli.

A first glimpse of the Life Ball MINI 2013 unquestionably reveals the distinctive style of the famous fashion designer. Cavalli upgraded the exterior of the MINI Paceman – the youngest and seventh member of the MINI family – with an exclusive colour that has already featured in his own fleet of cars: a special iridescent paint that shimmers between black and brown depending on the incidence of light. This flamboyant paintwork accentuates the clear lines of the first Sports Activity Coupé by MINI and turns it into a very special one-off. The expressive Cavalli logo on the roof of the car along with his signature on the wide coupé door leave no doubt as to the designer who has left his unmistakable imprint on the car. The logo can also be found on the inside, where the headrests and sun visors feature the stylish motif. The interior design of the MINI Paceman is swathed in black, with individual gilded elements – such as the decorative stitching on the leather seats and the MINI Center Speedo surround – lending it an extravagant look. This is further reinforced by the hallmark Cavalli animal prints on the leather-lined steering wheel and parts of the instruments.

  • comp1demon

    Killer Pic’s Kurt!

  • alessandrop80

    I hate what BMW is doing to MINI. I thought it’s pedigree was Rally sports not Fashion show icon… They should take Renault as an example to follow! Take a look at the TWIN’RUN!!!

    • They’re doing both. Winning the Dakar and participating with the world of art and fashion. And that’s exactly what the classic Mini did for years.

      • alessandrop80

        Yes but I don’t think they are going extreme enough with the GP/JCW segment. Aren’t they out of the WRC? Why didn’t they just use the R56 for rally anyway? I’m worried about the brand (look at the current lineup expansion) and the design (F56) just getting watered down and losing the SPARTAN qualities of the original car. Feels like they are moving more and more towards the Fashion crowd to me. Slowly turning into the Golf

        • MINI is still in the WRC, just not fielding a factory team.

        • James Nolan

          A golf is a car for people with no-imagination. A Mini can be whatever you want it to be; hot-hatch, rally car, family run-around, city-hopper, handbag, an enthusiasts pride and joy, the list never ends! The fact the fan base is so wide for Minis, both new and old, is because they appeal to everyone. Paul Smith modified the classic mini for years, as did British coach-builders such as Radford, Crayford and Wood and Pickett, some of whom created equally as wacky and tasteless cars as George Harrison’s magical mystery tour cooper, and Peter Sellers wicker-sided Cooper S. It has also been in the Mini genes to be something that can be modified and become a statement, and the fact that BMW has picked up on this greatly with the new MINI from the start, supporting great causes such as life-ball, I believe is fantastic, and I’m sure many others agree.

  • Mark

    Wow, could it be anymore ghetto!!

  • Andrea Gritta