NAIAS 2014 Full Gallery

NAIAS for MINI was all about the new JCW concept. And up close it was more impressive than we expected. And yes, it is nothing but a thinly veiled (and stickered) version of the 2015 JCW we’ll see in about a year’s time.

Stepping out of the MINI booth there was plenty to take in. The new BMW M3 and M4 looked impressive as did the M235i – something that many of you might cross-shop with MINIs. The new Mercedes C Class features some interesting detail inside and the AMG CLA45 and GLA45 will give BMW & MINI product planners fits for years to come. Then there was Porsche with the new 911 Targa on display as well as the 918 (which was briefly open for business). But enough talk, you can check out all of the 200 photos after the break.

  • KPP

    Gabe, any insider information about the JCW’s performance? Minus all the stupid stickers and the vented chin, its not a bad looking car but its not their best effort either.

  • Herr26

    The new JCW has now caught testing in Arjeplog . Its on the way. Market Launch will be early 2015.

  • nsbancroft

    Hey Gabe, why does’t MF have a nice gallery viewing option? Every photo I try click on just brings up the photo’s page. It’s really slow and unfriendly to use. The gallery seems to work on BimmerFile just fine.

    • Its a weird JavaScript bug and we haven’t had time to problem solve and find the exact issue. The gallery will go live tonight of BF if you can wait. And if you know JavaScript let us know ;)— Sent from Mailbox for iPad

  • Jason

    That FT-1, my god.

  • JonPD

    Have to say to me the MINI’s were the lowlight of the cars you shot. The 918 Spider is the best by a huge margine!

  • wetwolf

    That little Datsun, I mean Nissan, is really cool. They should absolutely build that.

    • Head Honcho

      That Nissan looks awesome.

  • ulrichd

    So when will the F56 be up on the miniusa website?

  • ulrichd

    I gotta say I like the Audi A3 sedan in this spec. I assume it’s an RS3 (sorry I am not up on my Audi spec levels). Too bad they have already said no manual option – period.

  • oldsbear

    Okay, I’m ignorant. What is shown in these 200 photos? Yes, I know: cars. Thanks.

  • mdsbrain

    The new MINI has a boot release button on the Driver’s A pillar?

    • Alexandre

      Yep. it’s the exact same one found on BMWs.

      • And on the Paceman’s. 🙂

  • dusty

    So did they only have just the 3 cars there? It’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Thankfully the yellow S was scarce.

  • bluzeke

    WHA?!?! NO pix of the FURD Aluminum TRUCK?!

  • Jason

    I saw the F56 at LA in November. I simply can’t, with all my efforts, swallow that front end and overhang. : It’s much too long for the car. It looks terrible from side profile. If it was a tad shorter, or even more like the Rocketman’s, I’d be okay. But it just doesn’t work in my eyes. The front end gaping-mouth, the saggy-eye headlights. The chin. My dad owns an R53, myself an R56: they look radically different to me – his the more handsome. The F56 looks really good everywhere else, but that front end kills it.

    (I know, I know… pedestrian impact standards, (co)built on a BMW platform… yadda yadda yadda I still don’t like it). Am I alone in feeling it doesn’t achieve the “four wheels at the corners” look that MINIs are known for? Even the Countryman’s front overhang is shorter (sarcasm, but it damn well might be!).

    • I don’t think you’ll find anybody who likes the overhang. It’s an unfortunate side-effect of factors outside of MINI’s control. It’ll be interesting to see if they change the nose significantly at the mid-cycle refresh. I think the really telling thing on this new MINI is going to be in how it performs. Will it still be fun to drive? That’s what I’m most curious about at this point.

      • Jason

        Haha, agreed.

        Problem is, there’s a lot of great performing, efficient cars that also look good (GTi, for example). The MINI will need to handle well to compete, AND keep it’s character/looks to remain relevant in my and many people’s books. I as well am already looking forward to a mid-cycle refresh (make that, “correction”).

        • Head Honcho

          Golf R will be cheaper than JCW of even the S when you load it up. Subaru STI, Fiesta ST. Way too many cars for a lower price. I wanted a MINI but the pricing is making me look above and below it.

    • John McLauchlan

      I agree with you Jason. It is really difficult to get beyond the awkward lower chin on the S and JCW. It prevents you from wanting to look further and explore the rest of the car.

      Trying to keep an open mind and will reserve final judgement until seeing it in person next month, and driving in the Spring.

      • Andrew Vella

        I believe the chin on the F56 JCW does not look off because of the agressive spliters that blend it in. The F56 Cooper S…I’m sorry to say looks terrible with the chin….