Spied: F54 Clubman S Caught with Reduced Camouflage

Our colleagues at Automobile Magazine have been on a roll lately. Following their scoop on the potential MINI Minor and Superleggera, they recently published a series of spy pictures of the F54 Clubman. While there is nothing new compared to what we have reported in the past, these shots show the upcoming Clubman S sporting less swirly graphics than usual. This photo is particularly interesting as it clearly indicates that front-end treatment of the F54 will rectify the biggest pet peeve against the F56/F55. In fact, it seems to be exactly in line with the concept that was presented in Geneva last year.

Less camouflage most likely means that it is only a matter of weeks before the new Clubman makes its public debut. And to refresh everyone’s memory, here is what we know so far in regards to the production schedule of the F54.

The six door MINI will be available in Cooper and Cooper S variants at launch this summer and additional models will be added the following years:

  • Cooper/Cooper S Start of Production: July 2015
  • Cooper/Cooper S End of Production: June 2022
  • Cooper/Cooper S ALL WHEEL DRIVE Start of Production: March 2016
  • Cooper/Cooper S ALL WHEEL DRIVE End of Production: June 2022

MINI will also be releasing a US diesel variant with an engine designation of B47C20O0. That’s the same designation used for the Euro-spec Cooper SD. The 2.0-litre four-cylinder produces a healthy 266lb ft. (maximum torque is available from just 1500rpm) and 170 hp. On the UK cycle the Cooper SD gets an astonishing 70.6mpg. Expect something in the 40-50 mpg range from the EPA. Unfortunately, all wheel drive might not be available with the diesel engine.

As far as we know a plug-in hybrid version of the new Clubman is still in the cards, but stay tuned as we gather more information on the topic.

  • Jay

    Will the new Clubman be significantly more expensive than the 5 door?

    • We don’t have any pricing information at this time.

    • FluffyTeeth

      No, no, no. It will be really good value for money. They’ve only added an inch here and an inch there. So probably only about $20,000 more. But that won’t include decent speakers. Or a CD player. Or wheels. Or an engine. Or, or, or reliability.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Yes it will. This is a different target market that the 5 door and will price similarly to the BMW 2 Active Tourer from what I have heard.

  • Eelke

    Forgive me for not following MotoringFile more religiously, but what is the “biggest pet peeve against the F56/F55”?

    • That would be the front-end treatment of the car. Particularly the front bumper of the S as opposed to what’s seen on the Cooper.

    • The “snow plow” front bumper. Many of us find it to be hideous.

      • Eelke

        Yep, absolutely agreed. Had I actually pulled up a picture of the F56 Cooper S I might have guessed that was what’s meant. I also prefer the Cooper version by far.

  • FluffyTeeth

    This is going to be the best looking car in the line-up because it’s actually large enough to carry off those ridiculous pantomime dame features (the huge honking nose and enormous Kardashian-hump tail lights) without being a total embarrassment. The problem is that if you do buy it everyone will still point and stare at you like you’re a freakshow special event because it’s so closely related to that German idea of a joke, the regular cooper.

    • Jason

      Look, ma, a troll.

      • FluffyTeeth

        No – it’s a mini. You just think it’s a troll because it’s so very ugly.

  • FluffyTeeth

    Wow. I’m the only person in here not wearing glasses. And I’m the only dog. Oh god. I’ve become a minority!

  • Nick Dawson


    I have attached a compilation of F54 Clubman and F60 Countryman spyshots which, even allowing for camouflage, clearly show the iconic styling elements differentiating the two models.

    Both models share the same larger version of the UKL platform, and so share the same wheelbase length, but the Countryman’s waistline is higher, as is its bonnet (hood), necessitating a taller front bulkhead, made possible by the scalability of the UKL platform.

    The continuous ‘floating’ roofline on the Clubman compares markedly to the ‘helmut’ rear roofline on the Countryman. Although the horizontal tail lights are clear to see on the Clubman, those on the Countryman are less so, but appear to intrude slightly into the tailgate (hatch).

    • Jason

      Huh, they look incredibly similar in size and stance. Must just be a trick of the angles.

  • Carlos Albuquerque

    Will there be a AWD F56? I thought this system would only be found in the Clubman and its variants

    • Nick Dawson

      Only F54 Clubman, F60 Countryman, 2-series Active Tourer/Gran Tourer, X1/X2, and in due course 3rd gen 1-series 3/5 door hatch, all sharing the same longer and wider UKL platform.

  • Bob Lavoie

    It seems that the same people give the same negative comments about the front end of the F56/55 S…on & on & on. Give it a rest! Late in Dec I took possession of my F55S in Thunder Gray & I find it very nicely put together…from front to back!! And my previous 2 MINIs were a 2012 JCW Coupe (Spicy Orange) & an ’08 MCS (Pepper White) hatch so I have some comparisons I can make…be they subjective or objective.

    The lower lip on the F55S in a dark color like the Thunder Gray is subjectively more appealing to me than in the lighter colors. I have NO problem with it. In my opinion, this MINI can be sedate & quiet when needed in the green mode yet can also be loud & aggressive in the sport mode. I’m enjoying it a lot more than I expected after 5 weeks of mixed driving.

    My 1st road trip of 400 miles each way is coming up. I expect it’ll be as satisfying there on the highway as it has been in stop/go traffic. Am also looking forward to driving the Dragon this spring as aggressive as possible. It may not be a JCWCoupe like my 2012, but in its own way, it could be a very good seller for the MINI brand!!!