Is this MINI Carplay? MINI Previews New Touchscreen Infotainment System

MINI's new touchscreen navigation

Could this be MINI Carplay? Just like that MINI has quietly dropped a bomb by previewing an entirely new touchscreen based infotainment system within the JCW Clubman release. Without a mention in the new system INI shows a finger clearly inputing a destination. It’s the same system that first appeared on the BMW 7 Series and has now spread throughout the rest of the BMW range. Does this mean Carplay is also here or that it’s coming soon? It’s worth noting that the 7 Series debuted with this system without CarPlay only to have it added this fall (a year later). That coincided with the rest of the BMW range also getting an upgraded infotainment system that is CarPlay compatible.

We’ve reached out to MINI for confirmation. Stay tuned.

  • Tjeerd

    Last week I was at the world première of the new Mini Countryman and the new 5 serie sedan and stationwagon. The 5 serie do get the carplay option. The Countryman had the new touchscreen. But nothing was mentioned about carplay yet.

    They displayed a hybrid model. 225 bhp. 50 km range. The back door now can open/close automatically and the dash is again slightly different then the clubman and/or hatch. It looked very impressive. The headlight still looks like the previous model but now they lights are surrounded by a closed line of led lights. It also still has the same air scope in the grill. Still very Countryman, less rounder and much longer.

    • Chilly

      Thank you, I can’t wait to hear more about the new Countryman!

      Gabe – when do you expect to have one available to you for a test drive, either in the States or Europe? Thanks.

      • Nick Dawson

        The F60 Countryman is expected to get its public debut at the LA auto show this November.

  • Christopher Grande

    Was there any new news of this? Is this the new touch screen based system with CarPlay?