Is this MINI Carplay? MINI Previews New Touchscreen Infotainment System

MINI's new touchscreen navigation

Could this be MINI Carplay? Just like that MINI has quietly dropped a bomb by previewing an entirely new touchscreen based infotainment system within the JCW Clubman release. Without a mention in the new system INI shows a finger clearly inputing a destination. It’s the same system that first appeared on the BMW 7 Series and has now spread throughout the rest of the BMW range. Does this mean Carplay is also here or that it’s coming soon? It’s worth noting that the 7 Series debuted with this system without CarPlay only to have it added this fall (a year later). That coincided with the rest of the BMW range also getting an upgraded infotainment system that is CarPlay compatible.

We’ve reached out to MINI for confirmation. Stay tuned.