Confirmed: BMW Will Build an Electric MINI by 2019

MINI Vision

In just over two years you will be able to buy an electric MINI. According to a Bloomberg interview with BMW Chief Executive Officer Harald Krueger specifics like range and cost haven’t been defined for the electric MINI at this time. Also in the works is an electric version of BMW’s popular mid-size X3 crossover.

While this news is expected, it’s still interesting to see the apparent urgency in the announcement. The BMW board didn’t attend the ongoing Paris Motorshow to deliberate on this issue.


The chassis, design and the drivetrain specifics are unknown at this time but given the 2019 timeframe BMW should have answers for those questions soon. Which means we should have answers for you as well.

What do you think about the idea of Ana electric MINI? Would you be interested in making the move to all electric?

  • fishbert

    BMW… scare of the Model 3, or scared shitless of the Model 3?

  • Put my down for one. In fact, I may call my MA to put me at the top of a wait list.

  • Mr Remi

    Electric transportation is where the industry is headed, so I think it’s a good idea for MINI to do this sooner, than later.

    Plus, this will help improve reliability.

  • ulrichd

    Great, now where did we leave those Rocketman drawings?

  • fdavidb

    This site is amazing. I can totally see how BMW uses this site ( and many others ) as their sounding board. Last week the comments were pretty sharp with the apparent slow take on electric cars by the BMW group. ( And no, the i3 doesn’t count; when it requires a small diesel engine as a hybrid are thats just not right…if I want a hybrid I would drive a Prius but no thank you ). The denial factor has been huge. Visit any BMW dealer and see how little interest the sales people have in regards to the i series. I really want a very awesome JCW. Will pay the price for an amazing ride. 3 JCW’s later, I wont buy another I presume until 2021?

    • ulrichd

      There are two i3 models. One is a pure electric version.

      • fdavidb

        Yes, I am fully aware of that ulrichd. However, it is not a decent range and it is sort of a toy car or a little cute add on, not a proper reliable vehicle to go a bit of a distance like a cottage for instance. The cars are awesome in regards to the materials used but it weird that the battery part was not really well thought out. Again, this critique is from a consumer’s perspective and nothing to do with criticizing a design team. Nonetheless, there is a lot of catching up to do but BMW is huge and if they really want to jump in the action I am sure they can make awesome non combustion engine vehicles.

        • A significant percentage of people would be fine with the i3’s range, in reality. Just because people THINK they need way more range (200+ miles, 300+ miles, etc.) doesn’t mean that it’s true. Many people simply don’t know how much range they actually need because it’s a different thought process with EVs. With gas, 80-114 miles of range would be annoying because you’d be stopping for gas every 2-5 days, for instance. However, with an EV, you have that much range every day. I’m not saying they’re for everyone, but there is a huge disparity between how much range people THINK they need and what they ACTUALLY need. Plenty of i3 owners have used their “toy cars” to make relatively long trips, especially those with the range extender generator (REx).

    • The i3 doesn’t have a diesel engine.

      The Prius is nowhere even close to an i3. The regular Prius is powered exclusively by gas and does not plug in. The “Plug in Prius” available at i3 launch had just 11 miles of electric range vs. the i3’s ~80 miles. The new Prius Prime has 22 miles of electric range vs. the current i3’s 97-114 miles. No comparison, really, if you’re wanting to drive electric.

      The fact that sales people don’t bother to actually learn about the i series can also be said about most salesmen and most gas vehicles, too. The only time I’ve ever experienced a single salesperson that knew as much as I did about a car was MINI.

  • MiniMaestro

    Can you please clarify, is this just the confirmation of a Countryman Hybrid, or will this be an all electric model?

    • All electric. The Countryman E will debut shortly and be on sale next year.

      • MiniMaestro

        Wow, fantastic. Thanks for the quick reply

  • Rikki Loades

    Now with the Model 3 and VW ID I was looking seriously at those for a potential next car around 2020. This, if done properly could be amazing for me. I like Mini’s like no other car (supercars included) so this is great news. Finally, accepting the future and working towards it. I eagerly await details.

  • nateh12

    BMW missed the boat. I am trading my F54 for a Model 3 next year. I may consider going back to Mini around the next refresh if BMW takes this seriously. I need at least a 250 mile range and need supercharger equivalent charge times for an electric car to be practical.

  • DR61

    Yes, very interested. I have a Model 3 reservation and this would be an interesting alternative. I am also interested in the Countryman plug-in hybrid to replace our 2012 All4 as our other car.


    Definitely interested. As long as it handles better than the i3 over 50mph. Test drove the i3 when it first came out and after passing 50mph, it felt very unstable and not like a BMW should. Lower height, more MINI design and slightly wider tires should do the trick. and a range of 200 miles plus. Knowing how quickly Tesla actually gets its models to market, this may come on line well before the Model 3.