This is Exactly How Big the 2017 MINI Countryman is

The 2017 MINI Countryman is the largest MINI ever made. But what exactly does that mean when cars are getting larger every year? And more importantly how does it relate to the rest of the automotive world?

  • 3.8” higher seating position than MINI Clubman.
  • 8” longer, 1.3” wider than previous generation MINI Countryman (R60)
  • Roughly 400 lbs heavier than the previous Countryman (R60) in most configurations
  • 47.6 cubic feet of cargo capacity with seats down, 5.4 cubic feet more than the previous Countryman (R60).
  • More overall cargo capacity, more head room, more front and rear legroom, and more rear seat shoulder room than both Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA250
  • Slightly more rear seat legroom than the Clubman with an identical rear cargo footprint (albeit a taller one)
  • Roughly 200 lbs more than an identically specced Clubman

The Countryman is hitting European dealership as we write this. US showrooms should see the first demo cars shortly with first sales beginning in late March. Then in April the first JCW Countryman should land with the Countryman E plugin hybrid hitting the ground in June.


    Thank you for putting this up Gabe. As I have commented before, although the increase in size is of concern, it is the growth in weight that should be the biggest concern, as far as not driving like a MINI anymore. My R60 S makes 189 hp, (actually a little more with modified intake and exhaust aftermarket parts). The new F60 S makes 209 hp I believe–Thats 20 more hp to carry around 400! extra pounds. Not hopeful as far as what that means to performance. I think the F60 Non-S will be a total dog. Really waiting to see an indepth road test that evaluates the F60 but also compares to R60—That would be very interesting.

    • It’s coming in early March.

      • CA-MINI

        Sounds Great! I am convinced the F60S is a better overall vehicle than the R60, I am far from convinced that it is a better MINI than the R60. Look forward to the review

        • Well put. That’s one often key questions we have as well.

    • The Mann

      You are absolut right, Mini has to be careful the MINI dosn´t going to be a big fat salemans car that need NO what so ever driving skills, like handbreak with a buttom, expensive dual-clutch automatic for fat men with no acceleration skills, that even know what fun means. I can nearly hear how expensive it will be to replace a dual clutch system on the NEW Mini…that sound like ABBA money money money good for Mini, bad for customer. that is new and like most luksus car has now in days.. Mini also need to address the issue that Mini is a very expensive car already, and be very careful not be more expensive.. for that will move people over to by the BMW witch in first place is a more practical luksus car witch also is the only fun luksus there is to drive as fun as the mini is. Mini need to be fun and not that practical, but more fun and not practical, and that is the past, and has to be in the future also.

  • Ryan Cooley

    it’s the length of a vw beetle…. Not exactly huge. The design looks very range rover and I’m in love with that! Plus the reliability will be MUCH better

  • Aurel

    FYI for those in the NYC area, MINI Of Manhattan has 2 of them on the floor already. Saw them in the flesh and they are great. That gaudy scuttle is still killing the profile visually. It looks even bigger in person …

  • Bob Lavoie

    My local MINI dealer in Palm Harbor, Fl had a CM to look at a few weekends ago. It was an all white S All4 with the offroad exterior option for the front & rear look. Looked quite good with the black bumpers & added front corner brake venting.

    I ordered one about 2 weeks ago…S All4 8 speed, offroad option in the Chestnut body color & black roof. It was built last Thu & is currently awaiting transport to the US.