We've got yet another set of official MINI retrofit instructions for you… this time for installing the new MINI rear monitoring camera system. In case you missed our original article on the camera system here's an excerpt from the PR release about it:

Clear visibility all the way.
The wide range of Original MINI Accessories also comprises a great number of attractive features for retrofitting. Whenever the MINI is fitted with an on-board monitor, for example, it may be further upgraded by the addition of a front-end (not part of the install PDF) and back-up camera, particularly the wide-angle back-up camera integrated into the luggage compartment lid serving to avoid expensive bumps when parking. Enlarging the driver's angle of vision to 131°, this color camera automatically projects its image to the monitor once the driver shifts to reverse.

Through their special structure and surface, the lens is able to clean themselves in the interest of optimum clarity.

[Rear Camera Retrofit Kit] (No word yet on whether this is available in the US)