Never one to rest on it's laurels, British magazine Autocar has a couple new photos of a testing mule that appears to be an early version of the R56 – the next generation MINI. This just a week after the previous photo and article. There's really no new info for the well informed MotoringFile visitor but the photos do give us a glimpse (you may need to squint) of the next MINI's overall shape. Remember… evolution over revolution. Here's an excerpt from the article:

With less than two years to go before the third-generation Mini is revealed by BMW, the first engineering prototypes are testing in Germany. Last week we ran the first picture of the next-generation Mini, but these new scoops reveal even more about the car.

The current car’s exposed wipers have been recessed to sit beneath the bonnet’s trailing edge. This is partly to improve pedestrian head protection during an impact, but required a major re-design of the car’s frontal structure.

You can read and see more from Autocar here. And you can read more on the R56 (the next generation MINI) in these previous MotoringFile articles.