The BBC not only covers the recent BMW investment in MINI but dives a bit deeper into the subject than other previously posted articles. Here’s an excerpt:

Since its launch during summer 2001, the new Mini has gone from strength to strength.

Last year, almost one in six cars sold by the BMW group was a Mini.

The company admits that the success of the brand came despite scepticism from many in the industry.

“Our decision to produce a new Mini was not received well right away,” said Norbert Reithofer, a member of the BMW management board.

Initially, BMW said it would produce 100,000 Mini models a year at its vast Cowley factory on the outskirts of Oxford, but the target was quickly reached, then raised, time and time again.

Not everyone is convinced that the boom can continue.

“The risk is that after they’ve invested massively in the brand, demand tapers off like it did with the new VW Beetle,” said Brad Wernle, from Automotive News Europe.

“Of course the day will come,” Mr Reithofer said.

“But we will have ideas. It’s not just a one-trick pony.”

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