The writing is on the wall at Tritec, current manuafcturer of the MINI’s 1.6 litre engines. With BMW’s agreement with Daimler Chrysler set to expire at the end of 2005, Tritec has added another carmaker to it’s portfolio. The Chinese automaker, Chery, has recently begun using the same naturally aspirated 114 hp version found in the Cooper for it’s A105 sedan. In fact, to date over 90,000 have been sold in China. Could this eventually be the most successful car (by total number produced) the venerable tritec is used in? Based on a quick Google of China’s current population, my guess is a resounding yes.

No word on when the A105 will be coming to the rest of the world but don’t be surprised if you see this car outside Asia soon. That said an engine is probably all the MINI and the A105 have in common. Except maybe an odd stumble or rattle.

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