We just got word from a source that MINI has not only decided to use clip-on, removable roofs but entire removable hoods, fenders, and doors. Because of this the next MINI’s exterior panels will be made entirely out of flexible plastic. An unnamed inside source gave us this explanation:

“This will allow MINI owners to change the look of their car every ten minutes! That way we won’t have to be bothered with last second changes as the car’s going into production.”

“And the best part is that it also deals with those new pedestrian safety standards. In fact we’ve found that the new flexibie hood gives us great pedestrian crash results. For instance the last test just a few days ago we saw the dummy not only bounce off the car, but fly through the air in a manner that can only be described as graceful. We’re hoping to tune the hood’s tension to get at least 50ft out of the dummy next time.”

The downside to all of this is that MINI is having quite a few problems with the panels warping and discoloring after a few months of use. However I’m told that MINI engineers feel “the average owner doesn’t care enough about their MINI to even notice such things”.

When I pushed further and asked this source what else we’ll see with the next generation car he just said one word: “Plastics”.