An excerpt from the article:

Who would have thought a ride in a Mini could be so scary? As we stood in a long line to ride a Mini roller coaster in Cincinnati, ominous thunderstorm clouds and lightning rolled in overhead to help set the scene. The American Coaster Enthusiasts member next to us said, “If this was a regular day, they would’ve closed the park an hour ago.”

The park is Paramount’s Kings Island amusement park. It was closed that day – except for the new coaster ride, The Italian Job (based on Paramount’s 2003 remake of the 1969 movie that features, like the original, three Minis). The new ride was open only to media, park officials, the Cincy Mini dealer staff and clubs, a politician and many ACE members. The latter reminded us of SCCA members, hooked on g force and speed, and that’s how we became fast friends.

You can read the entire piece below:

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