Is it a bug or a feature? It’s a question software developers often grapple with when releasing software to the public. When something goes wrong, doesn’t work perfectly, or simply doesn’t look good, a quick way around the inevitable questions is to simply call it a feature rather than a bug. There are several areas of the MINIs interior that could be considered in the same light. One of them that comes to mind are the exposed screw-holes on the door bracing. To some they look purposeful, industrial, and modern. To other they simple look like holes.

To rectify this issue for some folks, MyMini has developed chromed metal buttons or caps that simply snap into the holes as if they’re were intended from the start.

I was initially worried that they would look out of place in my anthracite and chrome interior, however the chrome accent actually is a nice touch and somewhat surprisingly, they don’t look out of place at all. However, I imagine if you’re someone who simply wants a dark monotone look throughout the entire car, they may not be for you.


Installation is as simple as it sounds. Just snap them in and you’re done. I found that the caps fit a little more snug in the lower holes but in general all four look like they could have been installed from the factory.

One drawback to the buttons, the chromed finish isn’t at the same level a few other interior pieces on the MINI. However this isn’t as much of an issue as you might expect as it’s not something you can typically see until you a couple of inches away. And for the price, you certainly can’t complain!

The MyMini Chrome Door Buttons are a great way to subtly refine your interior without braking the bank. They’re a snap to install and look great. If you’re looking to add a touch of chrome to your MINI’s interior, they should definitely be considered.

MotoringFile Rating: 3.5 (out of five)

The MyMini Chrome Plugs retail for $8 and are available from