The English Leather seats are a standalone option in the US that are taken straight out of the special edition ‘Park Lane’ Cooper (available outside the US). However we’ve recently learned that the bottom cushion of the US spec seats will feature a ‘unique’ design due to the new US regulated airbag seat sensors first seen on the 2005 MINI. Like the 2005 and 2006 model standard US market MINI sport seats, this means the new English Leather seats lose some of their signature look.

MF reader Luke Bussey actually snapped a few photos of the US spec seats at the recent BMW sponsored event at Lime Rock:

US Spec Front Seats / US Spec Rear Speats

And for those that might have missed them, here’s the English leather seats as offered in the Parklane Special Edition available outside the US: Euro Spec Parklane Seats

You can check out the full gallery (including great photos of Solar Red) here.