miniFrom a recent MINI USA parts bulletin:

The MINI Gear Shift Indicator is a feature from the JCW Challenge racing series that is now available for your MINI.

Differently coloured transparent LEDs are illuminated depending on the engine revs; all LEDs flash if the set engine revs threshold is exceeded.The display can be switched off and on at any time using the integrated button, for example when driving at night or on the motorway at high engine revs.

The Shift Indicator features transparent LEDs in a plastic casing and is available in the colours ‘Panther Black’ and ‘White Silver’.

Note: The engine speed threshold can be set between 3500 rpm and 7250 rpm in steps of 250 rpm.

Gear Shift Indicator is available from 09/2005 and installation time is approx. 1.0 hour.

Part numbers:
Panther Black 62 13 0 410 113
White Silver 62 13 0 410 114

While the shift indicator doesn’t appear to be available in the ordering system yet, expect it to show up at dealerships within weeks. Pricing information should be coming soon.