This is one of those stealth upgrades that most users probably won’t notice initially. However don’t let that fool you, this change is the largest we’ve made yet to the site. In fact it’s been in the planning stages for a year now. We’ve taken MF from the a proprietary weblog format designed and developed years ago by Matt to the renowned WordPress platform. In other words, MotoringFile has undergone a successful heart transplant.

If you’re not sure what exactly has changed, then we’ve done what we set out to do. While we’ve worked hard to make this transition as seamless as possible, there will undoutbedly be a few loose ends we’ll be tying up over the next few days. If you see anything that needs work shoot us an email via the contact link above.

The biggest change you’ll probably notice is the addition of categories. This will allow users to navigate specific sections of the site without resorting to the chronological based archives. You’ll be seeing more on categories in the coming weeks. The other big change you may also notice is the new comment format (don’t worry Markdown fans, if it’s not on yet, it will be soon). Otherwise most of the visible differences will show up in the form of seemingly small tweaks here and there that make the browsing of the site just a bit easier.

This upgrade sets the stage for the next version of MotoringFile which also has also been in the planning stages for quite sometime. In MotoringFile 2.5 (coming very soon) you’ll see quite a few visual tweaks to the site that take advantage of our new underpinnings.

Until then… enjoy!