Auto Express is at it again… this time with new info and some photoshop action of the MINI Traveler (or wagon). Here’s an excerpt from this week’s edition:

>Here’s a MINI that’s ready to travel in style! Sensational pictures in this week’s Auto Express reveal what estate buyers have got to look forward to – a load-lugger which combines chic, practicality and bags of retro appeal.

>…The estate takes on the refreshed appearance which will debut on the MINI three-door, so the front-end styling shown here will become the machine’s new face. Losing none of the existing variant’s charm, it has sleek headlamps reaching further up the wings. There’s extra chrome detailing front and rear.

>A major talking point for potential buyers will be the new MINI’s unique cabin access. An asymmetric design sees a barn-style back door on only one side. It will leave a gaping Mazda RX-8-type aperture to improve versatility, without compromising overall structural rigidity. Also, the rear gets twin van doors. The chrome surround displayed on the BMW-owned firm’s latest show cars will feature on high-spec models. Crucially, there will be space for five passengers and their luggage inside.

You can read the entire article in this week’s Auto Express or online below:

[ MINI Estate Gets in Shape ] Auto Express

MF Analysis

Auto Express does like their Photoshop don’t they? It would appear that they’ve very obviously taken the MINI Concept Frankfurt and turned down the bling a few notches. Not really groundbreaking but probably not too far removed from what we may see in the final trim. While none of the details within the article are necessarily new, AE has managed to bring together the latest info (with the help of the rendering) in a consise manner that should help folks get an idea of what’s actually coming in late 2007 with the MINI wagon. Now, about that Photoshop job…