From MINI UK Press:

>MINI UK’s unique money-saving tlc servicing option continues to bowl customers over by offering unrivalled value-for-money motoring and peace of mind for the first five years of MINI ownership as well as a welcome financial boost when owners come to part with their cars. Since its launch in 2001, according to Glass’s Guide* estimates, tlc has already saved UK MINI drivers in excess of £30 million, when compared to servicing costs incurred by similar small car owners, and has boosted the sales price of used MINIs by the same amount again.

>MINI tlc, available to all UK retail and fleet customers when purchased with a new MINI, covers scheduled servicing on the car for 5 years/50,000 miles, including parts and labour, for just £150 (including VAT).

>The benefits of the tlc package are not only limited to running costs, but also contribute to MINI’s rock solid residual values as any remaining tlc years pass on to the second or third owners. Consequently, when owners come to part with their MINI, Glass’s has estimated that the penalty for a seller with no tlc can be as high as £800 on a 6-12 month old car and £500 on a three year old car. Such is the value of not incurring unforeseen servicing costs to a MINI buyer. Based on SMMT Used MINI sales figures since launch, total revenue from used MINI sales has been boosted by more than £30 million as a result of tlc.

>Richard Crosthwaite, prestige car editor at Glass’s Guide, and author of the tlc savings estimates, said: “MINI is one of the slowest depreciating cars on the market, with an average three year residual value of 55 per cent; the tlc has been a major factor behind this success.”

>Andy Hearn, General Manager for MINI UK, adds: “Cost of ownership has always been a MINI strength. Tlc has blazed a trail for customer value in the car industry since its launch in 2001, and at just £150 our dealers still have a job convincing some new owners there are no hidden catches!

>Next year many MINI drivers will be reaching the end of the tlc package and we fully expect the new MINI tlc XL package to take over the reins, providing continued peace of mind for up to another three years / 30,000 miles.”

>MINI tlc comes on top of MINI’s standard package of class-leading aftersales packages. These include a three year/unlimited mileage warranty, six year/unlimited mileage corrosion guarantee and a three year roadside assistance programme that includes bespoke MINI service engineers, replacement loan car, full European cover and accident management.

MF Analysis:

While many in the US are not quite familiar with the term “TLC” this is really a slightly modified version of the servicing package that comes standard on our Minis sold in the US. While it is thought of as a cost saving feature in the US, saving us from unneeded maintenance repairs, it holds a much more dominant position for those in the UK. Much of this has too do with automobile reselling culture. In the US the type of service that a car has undergone, and where that service has been performed, while important is not always a leading decision maker in purchasing a used automobile. The culture in the UK drives resale values based not only on condition, but also service records. An automobile that has a completely stamped service book and full service records from a dealership or a main garage, holds a significant premium. It can mean the difference between an automobile selling quickly at a good price, or not selling at all.

In the United State, Mini is the only automobile manufacturer that currently throws in servicing for free. Mercedes was providing the same service, but discontinued the service last year. In the US the servicing is free and comes with the purchase of the vehicle. While, in the UK the servicing has to be purchased, it also comes with a much greater time length. With the UK culture this adds a significant value not only in decreased maintenance costs, but also an increase in the resale value.


>Richard Crosthwaite, prestige car editor at Glass’s Guide, has estimated that the MINI tlc option offered savings of £500 to new MINI owners over five years/50,000 miles when compared to a similar small car, based upon drivers covering an average of 12,000 miles per year.

>MINI tlc covers the cost of parts, lubricants and labour involved in all MINI servicing up to five years/50,000 miles, whichever comes first. The five years start from the date of first vehicle registration. Upon sale of the vehicle MINI tlc can be transferred to the new owner at no additional cost.

>MINI tlc XL adds a further three years or 30,000 miles to MINI tlc. The cost of MINI tlc XL is £300 (inc. VAT), if bought separately from MINI tlc. MINI tlc XL can only be bought for cars that have had MINI tlc when the car was first registered.