Here is the official press release from MINI USA on the recent strategic resale award that we reported on last week:

>Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) has awarded MINI a top spot in their annual 2006 Residual Value Awards for the fourth year in a row. With the highest projected resale value in the compact car segment, the 2006 MINI Cooper is predicted to retain 62% percent of its value at the end of a 36-month lease according to the ALG November/December 2005 Residuals Percentage Guide.

>”MINI offers and ideal blend of fun, substance and value, making our cars desirable not only for the first owner, but for the second and third as well.” said Jim McDowell, vice president, MINI USA, “This recognition from ALG highlights our strategy to keep MINI sales consistent over the long-term, benefiting MINI owners, whether they choose a new or pre-owned MINI.”

>Residual Value Award winners are selected from over 1,100 vehicles in 13 vehicle segments and are presented annually to those vehicles that retain the greatest forecasted value. MINI’s unique combination of personality, engineering and driving exhilaration were all factors in ALG’s decision.



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