We weren’t initially going to cover this news since, well, this is a MINI related site. But after the 20th person emailed us about it we figured people must be interested! First off, yes it’s seemingly a bizarre move. First a storied English Automaker goes bankrupt. Then some upstart (relatively speaking) Chinese company buys the suddenly cheap assets. Now they want to set-up shop in Oklahoma City and build MGs for the US market. Here’s an excerpt Autoweek:

>China’s Nanjing Automobile Corp., which bought the MG brand after MG Rover collapsed in 2005, announced the formation of MG Motors North America/Europe Inc. and plans to start vehicle production in Nanjing, China; Longbridge, England; and Ardmore, Oklahoma. Nanjing executives are expected to provide detailed plans for MG at the British International Motor Show in London July 17.

>MGs will first be sold in Europe in 2007, followed by reintroduction to the United States in late 2008. Three sedans, formerly known as ZR, ZS and ZT, along with the TF Roadster and TF Coupe will be sold in European markets, while the U.S. launch will feature the TF sports cars followed by two sedan models.

You can read more below:

[ MG Resurrected ] Autoweek

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.