MotoringFile Exclusive: We know that the 2007 MINI Cooper S will have 175bhp, but how about torque? From what our (always reliable) sources are telling us, the ’07 MCS will have 175 lb-ft of peak torque at 1400rpm with it’s new BMW design 1.6L turbocharged engine compared to the R53s 162 lb-ft. Even better, the torque curve shoots up sharply at the low-end and then levels off throughout the band. And turbo lag is basically non-existant.

That very broad torque band in combination with a lack of any lag will make the car extremely drivable and eager at throughout the range. In fact we’re told that this characteristic will be the most obvious difference between the current supercharged engine.

We’ll have more R56 and R55 facts and figures for you every day for the next week.