As reported previously, BMW will be halting production for a couple of weeks while it puts the finishing touches on plant remodelling in anticipation of full R56 production. You can read more about it from the Sunday Times:

>Last year Oxford built 200,119 Minis. Helmut Panke, who retires next month after four boom years as BMW chairman, predicts that production will rise to 230,000 over the next few years. BMW is spending £100m on expanding the Oxford facility and expects to create an additional 200 jobs there by the end of next year.

>But, like the original BMC Mini of the 1960s, the car is not very profitable. Bernd Pischetsrieder, a former BMW chief who now heads VW, once described the sales margin as “unacceptable” and wanted to set the Mini Cooper’s price higher than the £11,600 at its 2001 launch.

[ BMW to Boost MINI Production ] Sunday Times