Yet another R56 prototype preview/review. This one is more of a preview as it seems Automobile Magazine is saving the actual driving impressions for next month’s magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

>The biggest changes, however, are hidden under that stubby little hood. While the two available four-cylinder engines haven’t grown in size–displacement remains 1.6 liters–they’ve been rotated 180 degrees so that the exhaust now faces forward. And that’s not the only about-face: both engines are now as sophisticated as the old ones were simple.

>The base engine puts out 120 hp and 118 lb-ft of torque, up 5 hp and 8 lb-ft from the current model. The big news is that it uses BMW’s Valvetronic system, which gives the computer infinite control over both valve timing and lift, eliminates the need for a throttle butterfly, and improves fuel economy. Valvetronic also provides for better low-end torque without sacrificing power at the fun end of the tach.

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