MotoringFile Exclusive: For 2007, MINI USA will be making some tweaks to the option packages that will add some content and slightly raise prices. They will also add one entirely new package to the line-up. Here’s the run-down:

Sport Package / $1400 (tentative) (now without DSC)

Premium Package / $1400 (tentative): (with DSC)

Cold Weather Package / $300: No changes.

Convenience Package / $1500 (tentative): Here’s where things get interesting. MINI USA has increased the price dramatically on the convenience package but has also upped the options correspondingly. MINI USA will add keyless go (allows you to open locked car without a key, hit the start button and drive) along with the currently available auto-dimming rear-view mirror, auto wipers, auto headlights and universal garage door opener. However the biggest addition to the package will be full bluetooth integration that makes use of the integrated steering wheel and radio controls. This system should be identical in functionality to the new BMW (E90) 3 Series Bluetooth option.

Audio Package / $1500 (tentative): Finally here’s the new option package we mentioned earlier. The Audio Pack will include an upgraded “Hi Fi” stereo (not H/K branded) HD radio and Sirius Radio.

As you would expect from MINI, all options will also be available a la carte so MINI owners will be free to create any combination under the sun.

For our German readers, you can download the entire German Pricing Sheet here.