miniA bit of a recap of the year. We talk about our personal biggest moments in MINI for the last year. Remember AMVIV 3? Or MoTD? And who could forget MTTS? Or Todd’s car being converted into the Mule v2.0? Good times good times. Did you have a favorite moment? Go ahead and share below!

Don’t forget the great interviews we had this year. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to talk to the listeners! And thanks to Michael and Patricia Babiskin for helping out this year filling in, working on the club/event casts and MTTS. And, of course to Robert for sending in those soundseeing tours to entertain us.

We are going to keep on going for ’07 too! More event coverage, more interviews, more reviews?

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Until next year gang. Thanks for sticking with us so long! And, by all means, keep sharing us with anyone that will listen.

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