Official MINI Press Release: Today at the International Automobile Salon in Geneva, MINI has announced that the next derivative in its model range will be called MINI Clubman. Based on a concept first shown in Frankfurt in 2005, a ‘Shooting Brake’ body-styled car will be on sale in the UK before the end of 2007.

The new car promises to be distinctive, yet authentically embody the MINI character. Offering more versatility without compromising the revered chassis of current Hatch models, the production version of the car is further evidence of MINI’s aim to break boundaries in car design.

Historically, ‘Shooting Brake’ models are so-called due to a combination of premium two-door styling, with added interior flexibility for owners leading active lifestyles. The new car takes inspiration and styling cues from the Morris Mini Traveller, which experienced widespread success between 1960-69.

MF Analysis: This news should come as little surprise to most MotoringFile readers. While many in the automotive press were fixated on the Traveller name, our sources had long held that the decision had been made to go with Clubman due to a number of legal and marketing reasons. Today, it becomes official.


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