This question comes from Dave:

>I’m ordering my R56 MCS this week and have the car completely finalized except for one thing: which suspension should I get?. I’ll be driving the car mostly in an urban environment with (hopefully) a track day at some point. I want a car that is aggressive but I don’t want something completely teeth rattling.

We’ve had this question asked quite a bit in the last few months. But until recently I hadn’t had a chance to drive both the Sport Suspension and regular suspension back to back. The short answer: get the Sport Suspension. Don’t even think about it. Don’t question it. Don’t ask other owners. Don’t even worry about the $500. It’ll be the best money you spend on the car next to the LSD (which I hope you’re getting as well).

The Sport Suspension does what the SS+ on the R53 could never do – create an aggressive handling MINI without completely sacrificing comfort. It eggs you on in corners, constantly persuading you to push harder. Yet on the highway or over rough roads it’s not as tiring as the standard SS+ from the previous MINI.

It may have a hint of more body roll in corners than the old SS+ but it’s much more composed over broken pavement. Where the SS+ gets easily flustered on rough roads, the R56’s Sport Suspension seems confident and allows power down much more effeciently. And perhaps most importantly I never once found myself cringing as I was going over a pothole. That’s a 100% reduction in cringe factor over the R53’s SS+.