miniBefore I even start, just a quick note to the affliates we do go long tonight. I trimmed about 7.5 minutes out. Watch for an out-take show later in the week.

So, more talk about MINI United. I have my passport and ticket just like everyone else, so we must be good to go.

Then we spent some time talking about Gabe’s R56 spec. And just a lot of things in general. We think you’ll enjoy the show!

Coming up later this week is the Treo 750 Review that I did with Michael Babishkin. If you are thinking about getting this phone or are just interested, be sure to check back for that. And, like I mentioned earlier, watch for an out-take show as well. We got off on a movie tangent (easy there Robert) and the possibility of Gabe being a tatoo artist.

Woofcast #158: [audio:]

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