After last week’s review of the R56, many of you asked how it was possible for the 2007 MCS to feel so much faster than previous version of the car with officially only a 5hp difference. The following link may shed some light no a potential answer. And this is just the latest addition to a growing list of impressive dyno results for the 2007 MCS – 177hp and 203lb-ft at the wheel no less. These in particular come from a vendor over at North American Motoring. Worth looking at… especially if you have an R56 on order and you can hardly wait to get behind the wheel.

[ More ’07 Dyno Results ] North American Motoring

MF Analysis: Dyno numbers can be odd things. While they seem to be cold hard fact, they can in reality, be a little misleading depending on how the tests were done. However the more high dyno numbers we see for the R56, the more apt we’re to believe them. With these latest results it’s starting to get pretty obvious that the seat of the pants power I felt in my recent test actually bear out in real numbers.

Things will get more interesting when the first tests are done on the upcoming Stage 1 JCW Kit (scheduled for release this July) – MINI’s first attempt at tuning the new engine.