Most everyone knows this already. You want a MINI. You want to pick it up at the factory, cruise around the UK or Europe for a spell, load it on a boat and bring it home. Think again. However MSNBC has some fresh info on the idea of MINI UK delivery (for those located outside Britain) and how it relates to what other manufacturers are doing.

>For American drivers, “it’s a challenge to drive on the right-hand side even with a right-hand side drive car,” says Andrew Cutler of Mini USA. With a car designed for American roads, which would be left-hand drive “it’s kooky-crazy. The last thing we would want is for somebody to come pick up their brand new baby” … here, Cutler pauses, letting images of dented, crumpled Minis slouch through the imagination. The possibility of owner injury is too great a horror to contemplate.

If it makes you feel any better, Jaguar and Rover don’t offer an UK pick-up either. I would guess it is because of the same reasons listed above.

For those of you left-side drivers that have not had the chance to motor ‘on the wrong side of the road’ (driving a US Postal Service Jeep doesn’t count) I can tell you, at least from the passengers point of view, that it is a very different experience. Everything is literally turned around backwards from what you are used to.

This is something that I would not be interested in myself. It’s bad enough that I have to wait until my car arrives, but to drive it for a week or 2 then have to wait another month to pick it up? That would drive me, my friends and my family absolutely crazy with anticipation!

What about you?

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