miniJust Gabe and I again tonight, again via Yea, I know, you didn’t hear about it. We kinda snuck it in to do some testing, since the last time we did it was such a disaster.

We spend tonight talking mostly about the Clubman, including answering questions from the viewers. To finish, we spent a few minutes on the iPhone.

By the time you read this, Todd is all the way moved and still living out of boxes! That’s why he wasn’t around this week. We gave him the night off so he could finish moving, because we are cool like that.

This week we will be doing our 2nd anniversary show. There is a very good chance we will do it live again, on video. Keep an eye out here and at Motoringfile for details. I can’t say for sure, but if we do a live show, it will be on Thursday starting at around 9PM CST (do the math, forward and back, for your time zone). Sorry to those of you outside of the US that can’t make it. This is the only time we have to actually record the show.

And HUGE thanks to the click monkeys! Everytime I checked iTunes last week, we were at #11! Thanks!

Woofcast #172: [audio:]

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