miniA very successful attempt at a live show, again via and Motoringfile. For those of you that stopped by for the first show, you patience was appreciated as uStream was having a little bit of problems. The 2nd show was much better, both audio and video.

I am currently experimenting with an audio only solution (not sure Gabe will like that) that might work out better than the video. More experimentation will ensue.

Otherwise, news of the week from Motoringfile plus we answer a few listener emails. Oh yea, WRR turned 2 last Wednesday. Still the #1 independant automotive podcast in iTunes for the last 2 weeks as well. THANK YOU!

If you were one that caught us live, be sure to let us know what you thought below.

Check back tomorrow for more Clubman talk plus we answer a ton of questions of the live audience!

Woofcast #173: [audio:]

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