Official BMW AG Press Release: Like the BMW brand, sales of MINI in July 2007 rose dramatically by 19.1% to reach 18,838 units (prev.yr. 15,814). For the year to the end of July 2007, the number of MINI delivered to customers rose by 8.2% to 126,411 vehicles (prev.yr. 116,879).

Here’s the full release including all BMW Group sales figures:

>The BMW Group increased its sales by 20.0% in July 2007. In the month under review, 123,017 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles were delivered to customers (prev.yr.102,475). This means that growth is increasing even more rapidly at the beginning of the second half-year. One particularly pleasing fact is that BMW Group automobiles are very popular in all regions worldwide. The percentage growth in Europe, North America and Asia was about 20% in each case. In a comparison between countries, China and Russia once again stand out because of their extraordinarily high growth rates. The increase in sales in China was 56.6%, with 4,141 vehicles delivered (prev.yr. 2,645). Russia achieved a growth rate of 50.8%. 1,315 automobiles were delivered to customers here in July this year (prev.yr. 872).

>For the year to the end of July, the number of BMW Group vehicles delivered to customers increased by 6.5% in comparison with the first seven months of the previous year (800,957) to reach 853,202 vehicles.

>New models driving BMW sales forward

>Sales of BMW brand automobiles rose in July by 20.2% to 104,096 vehicles (prev.yr. 86,610). In a comparison between the model series, the new X5, at 9,366 deliveries (prev.yr. 5,517/+69.8%), recorded the highest increase in sales. In terms of sales growth in July the BMW 1 Series (+ 27.4%) with the reworked 5-door and new 3-door versions came on second place. 14,723 of these were delivered in July this year (prev.yr. 11,555). The 3 Series, driven by the new Cabrio and Coupé variants, came in third place, with an increase of 23.7%. Sales over the month reached 44,833 units (prev.yr. 36,256). Since the market launch of the new BMW 3 Series Saloon in March 2005 and the variants introduced subsequently – the 3 Series Touring, Coupé and Cabrio – over a million BMW 3 Series cars have been delivered to customers (1,049,636).

>For the year to the end of July 2007, 726,414 BMW automobiles were sold in total. This is an increase of 6.2% compared with the first seven months of the previous year (683,740).

>Dr. Michael Ganal, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for sales and marketing: “One of the decisive reasons for our market success is undoubtedly the fact that we are well ahead of our competitors in implementing measures to reduce CO2 emissions. We have the necessary technology available. Against this background, by the autumn of this year, around 40% of the new vehicles delivered to customers by the BMW Group will have a CO2 emission level of 140g/km at most.”

>Rolls-Royce starts delivery of the Phantom Drophead Coupé
As is the case with the BMW and MINI brands, the BMW Group’s product offensive is also bearing fruit for Rolls-Royce. The new open-top Phantom Drophead Coupé has been available since July. 31 customers have already accepted delivery of this new model from the House of Rolls-Royce in the month under review. In total, the number of deliveries of Rolls-Royce vehicles rose by 62.7% in July to 83 (prev.yr. 51). For the year to the end of July, Rolls-Royce sales reached 377 units (prev.yr. 338 / +11.5%).

>Sales of motor cycles in July 2007 totalled 8,921 vehicles (prev.yr. 9,031 / -1.2%). For the year to the end of July, the number of BMW motorcycles delivered to customers rose by 4.6% to 68,151 (prev.yr. 65,136).