miniStarting off talking about the weather. I’m roasting in SoCal while Gabe and Todd are enjoying nice weather. Of course, we had to talk about A/C performance while we were at it. Remember, my A/C has been track tested to 11.5 second quarter mile.

AMVIV 5 IS A GO! Info is posted on NAM and Agro tells me he will be updating very soon. Oh yea, we have no idea what’s happening for MTTS in ’08. Just keep it tuned to WRR and Motoringfile for details when they come in.

If you don’t have speedTV, now would be a good time to start planning that so you can catch the next Street Tuner Challenge coming up in October. I should be heading up to the shop next week to get an update from Tim and the boys.

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Plus, news of the week.

Check back tomorrow for some great info about Gabe’s JCW Suspension on the track. Plus, our thing to check for the week.

Woofcast #181: [audio:]

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