More Clubman goodness, this time from the fine folks at the UK-based magazine “Car”:

>On paper, the growth spurt sounds modest: rear-seat passengers enjoy a whole 8cm extra legroom and the boot has swollen to a still-tiddly 260 litres with the rear seats in place. In practice, though, the Clubman has just enough space to answer critics of the cramped hatchback. No longer will your passengers thumb a lift elsewhere if banished to the rear pew; there really is now space for 6ft adults to lounge behind a similar-sized driver (once they’ve gawped at and swung through the Clubdoor). It’s surprisingly spacious back there for two, although we wouldn’t recommend letting a third passenger in there (as you now can for the first time).

>Punt it along the roads around Madrid at the Clubman’s Spanish launch, and we were hard-pressed to notice the difference (between the Clubman and the Coupe). It still has a well judged, chunky steering effort, a staunch resistance to roll and an agility that belies its family pretensions. Only a rounded compliance over bumps is really different – it removes much of the jiggling that blights the Cooper S hatch over broken surfaces, especially on the 17-inch wheels of our test car. It’s a welcome aid to passenger comfort.

You can read the entire article below:

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