What is, actually, a favorable review of the Clubman by the Telegraph UK. After you get past the harsh, and warranted, criticism about the location of the club door.

>Sorry, I forgot to ask the Germans why they chose the Clubman name for the new estate version of the MINI, rather than Traveller or Countryman (yes I know there was an estate version of the old Clubman, but the name really identified the squared-off bonnet).
MINI Clubman

>I also forgot to make any jokes about the 1966 World Cup, or to mention the war.

>Fact is, having voiced the main British complaint about the latest MINI, that it has turned its back on the British market, I was too busy trying to understand the answer.

And that’s just for a start.

>”No. Only the driver can open the Clubdoor. He can see gaps in the traffic and control the passengers’ exit.” Not a suicide door, then, more an assisted suicide door. In London there are no gaps in the traffic. And how controllable are a couple of lively children?

Good points all around. Worth checking out.

[ MINI Clubman is offiside! ] Telegraph.co.uk