In a list that includes the Lexus LS460, Acura TSX, Lincoln MKX and the Lexus IS, MINI Cooper is in pretty good company on Forbes Most Value Packed Car list. Not only good company, but, as we would expect, it lives near the top!

>These vehicles prove that our list of Value-Packed Cars is by no means a rundown of the market’s cheapest cars. Now nearly all vehicles come well equipped with convenience and safety features, and manufacturers are doing a much better job of maintaining reliability and quality, both areas that used to vary widely. Shoppers are quite aware that initial price is just a part of the financial pie and that getting a model with a high predicted residual–and thus, higher resale value or lower lease payments–is also important.

>”Equity is what puts a particular brand on the short list” when shoppers start looking for a new vehicle, says Lonnie Miller, director of industry analysis at R.L. Polk & Co., and for many shoppers, they won’t consider a model until they believe in the value of the brand, he says.

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