MF Exclusive: The results are in from MINI USA’s recent survey about MTTS 2008. First for those who may have missed it our coverage a few months back, MINI USA asked owners what they would like to see for MTTS 2008. The choices were as follows:

– A road trip like MTTS 2006 across the country with events along the way.
– One large MINI event centrally located.
– Several medium sized events across the country.

We can now report that far-and-away preference from owners who took the survey is for four regional meets across the US. Tentatively MINI USA’s plan is to spread out these meets over a four month period next summer.

A distant second was the idea of a single event with various caravans leading to it. Interestingly a coast-to-coast road trip like the previous MTTS came in a dead last among respondents.

MINI USA is currently in the process of picking sites and selecting dates for the event. Look for an official announcement shortly.