We already knew that BMW Group is planning on cutting 8,000 jobs this year, consisting mostly of temporary workers. While that surely impacts MINI’s corporate offices, we weren’t sure how that would impact the Oxford plant. Through sources we’ve now learned that MINI plans to cut as many as 90 temporary positions. As a result of this, production will be cut by approximately 3,000 cars and all shifts will be shortened by 90 minutes.

These measure are being taken so BMW can attempt to save 6 billion euros ($8.62 billion) by 2012.

The main issue is obviously the weak dollar and the general state of the world economy. However there is another, smaller issue; the Fiat 500. Besides the dollar and the economy, it is expected that the Fiat might steal away as many as 3,000 MINI sales this year worldwide – especially Italy where the MINI has been quite successful over the years.