As quite a few may have noticed, MINI debuted a set of new JCW wheels with the launch of the factory JCW MINI. The 7×17″ R112 (as it’s code-named) should weigh in at around 21lbs and come standard on the factory JCW. It should also be available from MINI dealers around the world.

Some of you may have noticed the R112 looks somewhat like the already available R90. The R90 was created to be used with the original John Cooper Motorsports program in the UK and it seems only fitting that the new series (and the road car the series has spawned) will be using somewhat of an updated version.

For those looking for something even a little more aggressive in appearance, JCW will be releasing two versions of one 18″ wheel for 2008. The R113 will come in either polish/matte black or all matte black. They will both be 7×18″ in size.

Expect these and a few other new JCW accessories (including the new four piston JCW brake kit) later in the year.