Starting off talking about all manner of things. Gabe’s absence, Speed Racer, John Force and George Barris. I do have a correction to make. The Original Batmobile was a Lincoln, not a Buick. I totally mis-spoke. And, yes, Todd is smokin’ serious crack for thinking the Mach 5 looks like a ‘Vette. There is an interview with Fireball Tim and George Barris, but the only link I could find was in iTunes. If you are interested, you can find it here.

You caught the official bit at the beginning, right? Keep us subscribed for all the updates as they happen, plus complete MTTS coverage from all 4 event sites! It’s going to be awesome and we hope to meet many of you at each event.

All that before, finally, getting to news of the week from Rumor has it Gabe might actually be with us this week since his trip plans have changed and there is another rumor that I am trying to start that we will actually do a live show. Keep an eye on the sites later in the week for updates!

Woofcast 237: [audio:]

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