miniJoined again by Chad Miller from Detroit Tuned. If you are in the greater Detroit area and looking for an independant shop to work on your MINI, check ’em out. And if you are still suffering from the stuck air bag light, check with your dealer. Chad thinks they extended that warranty again, so it’s worth checking out.

We talk about Todd’s experience with the new iPhone/iPod touch app Dynolicious which told him his GP has gone from 13hp to 590hp. In fairness, he hasn’t been able to fully test it yet. Of course, that led to us talking about dynos in general and what kind of tuning Chad has been doing to the R56.

Otherwise, a little sales talk, a little dealer talk, Todd’s Honda Del Sol (again), and parts stock, among other things.

As I mentioned during last nights show and tonight, I have started a new show with Fireball Tim called The Hollywood Car Show where we talk about upcoming movies, cool cars in movies and in television. I think it’s a lot of fun and think you might like it too. Find it at

Contest? Been a while since we did one of those. Remember, you have to leave a comment in the show notes at WRR to be able to play along. Oh, and you have to listen to the show to see what it is. Winner gets a free WRR T-Shirt! If you work at a MINI dealer in any way shape or form, you can’t play along. Sorry.

Finally, Todd and I both use Twitter. I’m dbwilldo, Todd is Toddsmods. Follow Mr. Cone too.

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