MINI USA has just internally announced that it has reached a deal with the BMW Group to recieve an extra 3,000 new MINI from now until November. Here’s an excerpt from an official internal memo:

>On July 1st we announced that we’d secured 2,700 hundred more units for the remainder of the year. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve secured around 3,000 additional units on top of that.

>We’ve pulled the production forward, resulting in increases for every month from August to November, with a decrease in December. Production of the MINI Hardtop models and the MINI Clubman models have been significantly increased. This positions us well for what should be a record breaking 50,000 sales for MINI USA in 2008.

With gas prices up and the publics reception to both recently released R56 and R55 MINI models going well, expect this “problem” to continue for the foreseeable future. Look for hardtop and Clubman production to decrease slightly as the new MINI convertible (R57) goes into production late this winter for springs deliveries around the world.