It looks like MINI has another hit on their hands with the MINI E. Here’s an except from Bloomberg:

> Applicants, who will pay $850 a month for the zero-emissions car for one year, are outnumbering the models available by 4-to-1, according to the Munich-based carmaker.

>BMW’s electric experiment beats Nissan Motor Co. and General Motors Corp. in delivering a fully alternative-fuel vehicle to drivers concerned about gas prices and global warming. Sporting a luxury-automobile brand name and being first to take corners in an environmentally friendly car trump functionality, said Mario Soto, a Southern Californian who signed up for one of the two-seaters.

>“I’ve got to take my kids to school, so the car makes no sense for me from a practical point of view,” Soto, a 45-year- old graphic designer and father of three, said in an interview. “But I kinda want to be part of this.”

>BMW said it wants to learn how drivers will react to a limited-range vehicle, and how well its lithium-ion battery holds up under daily use. Those chosen for the Mini E trial must document their experience in online surveys and keep a driver’s log. The automaker, which began selling Mini Coopers in 2002 in the U.S., won’t say if it’s ready to mass-produce an electric car.

>“Think of this almost as an adoption process,” Mini’s McDowell said. “We want to get to know a lot about the individuals and their driving patterns.”

+ BMW’s Electric Mini Cooper Beats GM to Test Drivers’ Green Zeal / Bloomberg