This week’s Ask MF comes from James:

I have a Clubman. Where is the best, safest place to mount an external GPS? I find that the windshield suction cup mount takes up too much area of the windshield and blocking too much. I’ve thought of using the dashboard weighted pad but am not too keen on that. Is there a mount that comes up from the cup holder? I’ve tried the suction cup on the inside of the sunroof but it’s too far from the windshield. Anyone have a good solution?

There are a number of solutions out there to choose from. For a time MINI actually had their own mounts that worked with the MINI branded Nuvi 360. Speaking of the Garmin Nuvi, we particularly like Cravenspeed’s Nuvi mount that attaches to the tach directly in front of the steering wheel.

However we’d like to turn this over to our intrepid readers. What have you found to be the best solution? Sound off in the comment section below.