The Goethe-Institut New York is proud to announce the European Kunsthalle in Cologne as the new partner for its downtown satellite for contemporary art, Ludlow 38. The European Kunsthalle succeeds Kunstverein
München, which had supervised the programming at Ludlow 38 since its
inception. Since opening in January 2008, Ludlow 38 and its innovative
programming have attracted considerable notice in Europe as well as in the
United States. Effective July 2009, the programming will be directed by the
team of the European Kunsthalle: Astrid Wege (Cologne); Rike Frank
(Berlin/Vienna); and Anders Kreuger (Lund), in collaboration with Tobi Maier
(New York).

“Our aim with Ludlow 38 is to showcase the idea and political concept of
institutional forms of self-help and self-organization for artists, curators, sponsors
and audiences that exists in many cities and towns all over Germany, like for
example the German Kunstverein,” says Dr. Stephan Wackwitz, program director
of the Goethe-Institut New York. “So after having invited the Kunstverein
München (which was founded in 1823) for a year, we decided to invite for
2009/10 the European Kunsthalle from Cologne, founded in 2005, thereby
showing the ongoing vitality of this approach and how today it is starting to
embrace European discussions and artistic practices as well. We are still very
grateful for MINI’s ongoing support.”

Ludlow 38 is an initiative of the Goethe Institute now in cooperation with the
European Kunsthalle. Ludlow 38, which opened to the public on February 8th,
2008, is a exhibition space for contemporary art situated at the centre of the
vibrant gallery scene on Lower East Side near Chinatown, just a short walk from
the New Museum of Contemporary Art. The artists Ethan Breckenridge and
Liam Gillick designed the space which is located amidst the booming gallery
scene on Lower East Side.