MINI on the Dragon

Over the years we’ve made it clear how much we adore MINIs on the Dragon as an independent US based MINI event. Arguably the largest MINI event in the US not hosted by MINI USA, MOTD is unique in that it is centered around one road in a vastly rural area. But what a road it is. The Dragon (as it is known) is an 11 mile stretch of US 129 that starts in extreme eastern Tennessee and turns 318 times before it ends in western North Carolina. To put it mildly it is arguably the best stretch of road in North America. With it’s inspiring layout and excellent banking, the Dragon is a rare road in that it has almost a magical rhythm do it. And in early May MINI’s take over the entire thing

The Full Run

With over 600 registered (and many others sneaking in) MINI on the Dragon (MOTD) is arguably the largest US MINI event outside of MINI USA’s MINI United. It’s also our favorite here at MF. Why? Because it’s all about driving the best road in North America. Everything else (no matter how good) is secondary to the road and the driving experience. Which begs the question, are you going?

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The Way Down (Chicago to MOTD)