2011 brings a refresh not only in styling, drivetrain and colors but also wheels. In fact for 2011 MINI is drastically rehauling it’s wheel line-up and finally axing a few old favorites. MINI will continue to offer a large range of wheels from the accessory catalog that can be ordered via individual dealers. However the selection below will be the main wheel line-up available from the factory.

Here’s the rundown (images courtesy of Bigblogg):

15″ Wheels

In the 15″ category MINI will continue to offer a steel wheel with hub cap (not available in the US) and carry over the R100. New is the R118 S-Star twin spoke (which is vaguely familiar to a 18″ JCW wheel released in 2007).

16″ Wheels

MINI is completely revamping the 16″ wheel line-up and ditching the always popular (and MF favorite) Bridge Spoke wheels. Light and classic in design the Bridge Spokes will be missed. In their place will be the R115, R120 and R119 in that order. All are available only in silver with the exception of the R119 which also comes in black.

(17″ wheels after the jump)

17″ Wheels

MINI has dropped the 17″ Crown Spokes. We at MF would like to thank whatever designer or product planner made that decision and then the next to green-light its replacement, the 17″ Conical Spoke R121. It’s simple the best looking standard 17″ MINI wheel ever offered in our eyes. They’ve also brought the Mayfair wheels (which had been an accessory wheel previously) to the factory line-up. Finally the R98 Web Spoke soldier on for another few years. All are available in silver with the Mayfair being the only wheel available in white.